More Effective Email – Tip #1 RE: Attachments

Have you ever had some unexpected person knock on your front door, turn the doorknob, stick their foot in and immediately begin shoving a huge package into your front room? Can you imagine the feeling of friendliness that would follow?

This is exactly what people do who do not understand how email works – they shove mamoth attachments directly into my inbox. I sit there waiting and wondering who is behind that massive attachment. Though often I know and love the person – I hate the practice. (lol)

Yes, despite the fact that you can have a very large allotment of email space (2.7+GB now on gmail!) there is something simple and wonderful when a person knows how to get large files to me without cramming them into my inbox along with the 40 or so others they included in the “to:” line. It is simply called – “linking”.

Here is one way to impress yourself and keep your friends smiling when they see that email from you:

#1 – Refuse to send Attachments

Where to start:
Sign up for a free 1GB account and then read the rest of this…

Have a file you want to share with the world? Upload the file to a host – such as or your own website if you like. Copy the entire address (http://www….) and then create a link to the file in your email. It works beautifully!

When you do this you have demonstrated that you understand how the web works. And you have given me incentive to check out the file. By taking time to upload and create the link (just a minute or so) I understand that you really thought it worth telling me about a “Special Package”. Now, instead of holding my breath while I wait for the email to download I get you email immediately – and my curiosity about the file you linked to begins to grow. Win, Win!!

If you use there is even a download counter that tells you how many times the file was downloaded. If you need to share a file with private access you can do that through the account too.

How do you send files or other media in your email? Are you still sending attachments? Try the links option and see if people like you a little more 🙂

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