fire up the browser! – ftp – web tools – portable firefox!

I just have to say, firefox is the best web experience ever! Things I use regularly:

~Fire FTP
Allows me to transfer files safely to and from my webserver

~Web Developer
Edit css directly and see the changes in my page!

And – a must have for the person who uses internet cafes:
~Portable FireFox
This was a recent discovery. I wish I had found it earlier as it would have been helpful several times along the way. Imagine being able to walk into an internet cafe, plug your usb thumbdrive in, click on the portable firefox.exe and have all your saved bookmarks, passwords, and essential browser preferences right there – on your drive, and not have to type any of your passwords into a questionable machine – to even TOUCH Internet Explorer. NICE, that’s all I have to say!

I’ve tested it once and will write a review about it after a few more uses. So far – looking great!

If you’re not using FireFox, why not?
I was simply tired of pop-ups, spam and spyware looting my machine. This open source browser has been the ticket…! I love it when something works ;-)
Download: Fast, Fun, Awesome

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