6 weeks – Online Communications Course Wrap-Up

Dun Bros. is hosting this current post. The objective of coming here is to fill in the particles of tonights outline – the final of 8 2hour sessions offered to 30 individuals.

A link for each of the WordPress powered sites established and now running as a result of the course will soon be posted here. I will perhaps include a little description about each of the sites, their owners and the direction of the communication they are going.

Bottom line, I am stoked about the potential impact each person has begun to tap into with their own online communication system. If you ask any of the attendees they will verify the meaning of “stoked”.

I now have a pile of notes and printouts that have guided the journey and there is some good content for publishing here. During the course i have also begun to take my install of PHPList to some new levels. Overall it has been an effective way of communicating – not without its limits 😉

What has been the objective of the course? First, to demonstrate in a relatively short time a non-web-savy person can begin to operate and understand how to maintain their own Content Managment System. In turn, this can be a key tool for effective conversation with people that matter to them.

In a single “relationship” has been the objective of the course. While some use web space for various reasons my point is to help this group experience the relational value of running their own www. It has been a fun and fairly effective experience. Those who attended are welcome to leave their feedback here. Has it been effective for you?

What is the wrap-up session going to include? Here is the short-list:

  • Media and Documents in my Site: PDF, MP3, .DOC.
  • Linking to other pages and sites in a wordpress post or page – techniques and extras.
  • Brief overview on monetizing your site – should you desire to do so.
  • The world of content syndication – Subscriptions, RSS, Podcasts and Vlogging.
  • There is more… guess you have to be there…


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